Experiencing Hot Flashes? Make An Appointment With A Gynecologist

Many women experience hot flashes as they get older due to hormonal changes in their body. Some people find that their hot flash symptoms are very minor and thus minimally disruptive, while others find these changes to be highly bothersome. If you believe that you're experiencing hot flashes, it's useful to visit a local gynecologist. They can assess you and discuss various forms of medication that can help you to manage these symptoms, which can have a positive impact on your quality of life. Here are some changes that you may notice if you're getting hot flashes.

Warm Feeling

As the name of this condition indicates, experiencing hot flashes will give you a warm feeling. For many people, this is a different feeling than simply being hot because of being in a warm environment. For example, regardless of the temperature in your home, you might begin to feel extremely hot as though you've just been working out vigorously — even if you've simply been sitting on the touch. It's common for this warm feeling to emerge very quickly, which can feel unusual when you first experience it.

Red Skin

While the warm feeling that you experience might be the most obvious sign of hot flashes, you may also notice that your skin develops a red appearance. The redness is commonly on your face, but it may be present in other areas, too. This is a common symptom that people around you may comment on. For example, a family member might make a remark about your face suddenly seeming red, which could alert you to this change unless you've noticed it by looking in the mirror.

Unusual Sweating

People can sweat at various times of the day, but hot flashes can often cause you to feel sweaty with no explanation. This can be a new feeling for someone who doesn't have a history of sweating very much. You might notice beads of sweat on your face and sweat in other areas throughout your body — perhaps to the point that you become aware of body odors that you hadn't noticed in the past. If you've become aware of one or more of these changes that indicate you're having hot flashes, it's good to reach out for help. Your gynecologist can be a good resource for helping you to better understand hormonal changes in your body and prescribe medication that can help you to manage your symptoms.

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Many women experience hot flashes as they get older due to hormonal changes in their body. Some people find that their hot flash symptoms are very min